2018-2019 Membership Point System

How will your involvement be recognized within SPE?

We are very fortunate to have more than 450 talented, and diverse members in our chapter. We have realized that our members make up our identity of who we are. Essentially, we wouldn’t be anywhere without our members. To pass down the benefits of our prestigious chapter to our members, the 2018-2019 officers have spent several hours on research and planning, to come up with an elaborate point system that will reward all our members based on the efforts and devotion they put in for our chapter. The point system will award all members for their hard work with our chapter beginning from May 15th, 2018 and will be in place continuously till May 15th of 2019.

We are proud to announce that the 2018-2019 school year will be a year full of extremely fun conferences, field trips, training sessions, and so many other events. All these events and activities are for the sole purpose of benefiting our members by exposing them to the technical knowledge of our industry, networking with professionals, and making friends for life. In the Point system, members will be designated into three categories: Gold, Silver and General. At the end of each month, all members will be ranked in terms of highest cumulative points. Top 10 members will named Platinum-Company Men, Top 11-20 will be named Gold-Tool–Pushers, Top 21-30 members will become Silver-Drillers, and the rest of the members will be considered General-Roustabouts.

When an event closes in and has limited spots, Gold members will be automatically selected, and Silver members will be added to the wait-list ahead of General members. The biggest event in 2018 is the ATCE conference in Dallas, Texas, where we plan to represent our chapter with around 35 members. The tables and the PDF below will guide you through regarding our Point System. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BenefitsPlatinum-Company ManGold-Tool PusherSilver-DrillerGeneral-Roustabout
Member is granted entry to all SPE events and activities that are not limited by space.
Member name is recognized on the website and social media monthly  
Automatically qualify for the 2018 ATCE conference in Dallas.  
Automatically qualify for field trips, training sessions, and 2018
Student Symposium.
Automatically added to the waitlist for events where Gold Members would have qualified automatically.Already Qualified  
When an event has less than 20 seats, member is added to priority
waiting list.
Platinum before Gold

Gold before Silver

Silver members prioritized over General

Recommendation letters from Faculty Advisor and SPE.   
Recommendation letters from Faculty Advisor and SPE.20202020
QualificationPlatinum-Company ManGold-Tool PusherSilver-DrillerGeneral-Roustabout
Member qualification is based on rank calculated cumulatively towards the end of each month. Valid SPE membership is necessary to qualify for any of the four.Top 1011-20
(At least 40 points)
(At least 30 points)
(At least 20 points)
Events & ActivitesPoints Earned
Being an SPE Member5
Attend SPE General Meeting/Lunch and Learn3
Volunteering at an SPE Event5/6
Referring Student to an SPE Meeting/Event5
Participating in the Chevron Mentorship Program2
Attending an SPE social event2 (per day)
Competing on an Intramural Team1 (per game)
Competing on Petrobowl Team10
Promoting SPE Event on Social Media1 (per event not post)
Competing in the SPE LSU Golf Tournament2
Volunteering at SPE Golf Tournament6
Attending Tiger Time1
Volunteering to set up Tailgates2
Attending LSU SPE Tailgate (must sign the sign-in sheet)1
Attending an SPE Workshop2
Organizing towards LSU Petroleum Week5
Attending LSU Petroleum Week2
Attending SPWLA & AADE official meetings if records are kept1 (per meeting)